Team Industries is North America’s leader for on-time delivery of high-quality pipe fabrication and fabricated vessels. What’s most important to customers is how we do it – our approach, our people and our business model.

We Go Above & Beyond

“On-time, within budget.” A lot of companies say it, but Team Industries has established a process that demands both.

We put our money where our mouth is.

If you say “on-time, within budget,” you have to be prepared to create an environment where that’s possible. Not only do we have remarkable facilities and equipment, but we recently added nearly 300,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing and inside materials storage and some of the industry’s most technologically sophisticated equipment – because we consider “exceptional quality and reliability” an ongoing process.


We provide the lowest installed cost pipe fabrication in the industry.

This means absolutely nothing if the quality isn’t there. Team Industries employs only the most qualified craftsmen available and aggressively monitors the quality of the work that’s produced.

We’ve got a dog-with-a-bone commitment to safety.

We take a proactive and unrelenting stance to preventing accidents so people are safe, productivity is high, and your job is never delayed or derailed.


Our systems and processes require that everyone strictly adheres to your technical and jobsite requirements.

Quality Control is performed by a highly skilled inspection team using multiple checkpoints to ensure 100% of the products shipped conform to your requirements. This is one reason we have exceedingly low back-charge rate.

We work hard, tell it like it is, and demonstrate our business and personal principles in everything we do. Visit our facility and you’ll probably hear someone repeat the Team mantra:

“Meet, then exceed. No excuses.”

That, in a nutshell, is how we do business.