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Fabrication Contacts

Jim New
Director - Business Development (Houston Office)
(920) 766-7977 Main (Kaukauna, WI)
(713) 249-7877 Mobile

Jon Viestenz (Wisconsin Office)
Business Development
(920) 766-7977 Main
(920) 462-1193 Direct

Gene Nikstad
VP of Sales, Proposals and Supply Chain
(920) 766-7977 Main
(920) 462-1138 Direct

Amber Hicks
Sales, Proposals and Supply Chain Coordinator
(920) 766-7977 Main
(920) 462-1113 Direct

Contract Sales Representatives

M.C. Patten & Company, Inc.
California, Nevada, Hawaii Region
Tom Patten (714) 270-5255
Wes Patten (714) 866-9952

Kenna Power Sales
Mountain Region
John Kenna (720) 470-1167
Brian Shelton (720) 650-1026
(720) 488-1911 Main

Welding Positioner Contacts

Welding Positioner Email

Lynn Ebben
Director Welding Positioners & Non-Metallic Fabrication
(920) 766-7977 Main
(920) 462-1148 Direct

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