• Define Lines of Communication
  • Define Schedule / Expectations
  • Isometric Release Schedule
  • Fab Progress Report
  • Pre-Fabrication Meeting / Conference Call
  • Weekly Schedule Conference Calls
  • RFI Process - Timely Responses

At Team Industries we recognize the importance of Project Management and the impact they can have on the success of your project. Our Project Management Group has over 150 years of Pipe and Vessel Fabrication experience in the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Power and Marine Industries. Our Managers understand the requirements of your project and know their communication on engineering, quality, progress and commercial issues directly impacts your projects ultimate success. Your dedicated Project Manager is an internal advocate at Team who you can trust will give you honest feedback and advice to preserve your project’s schedule and budget.

How do they do this?

By providing a single point of contact and maximizing communication, your Project Manager can customize the shared information based on your project requirements. From project kick off, through priority management, RFI discussions, manufacturing status updates, problem resolution, shipping and project close out, your Project Manager will be there for you to make sure you are confident every step of the way. They ensure that Team will meet your project expectations, safely, on time with no surprises.

To sum it up, our Project Managers ensure that Team Meets, Then Exceeds, No Excuses.

Meet the Project Management Team

Dan Hammen joined Team in 1988 and holds the position as Team’s Sr. Project Manager. Dan has a Bachelor’s degree in Manufacturing Engineering. With his extensive knowledge of the industry he is well known for his contract management skills, project planning and customer service.
James R. Gordon joined Team in 1996 as Project Manager. With over 41 years’ experience and a vast knowledge in all areas of the piping industry he has managed countless successful projects and has received several awards. One which earned our company the “Supplier of the Year” award. His experience and knowledge of piping systems and his commitment to customer satisfaction will ensure project success when faced with the most demanding challenges.
Timothy Becker is a Sr. Project Manager with Team since 1989. Along with having a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technology/Technician, he has over 30 years experience with custom metal fabrication and specializes in Project Planning, contract management and project execution.
Dan Panetti joined Team in 2009. He has served multiple roles within the company and is currently in the Project Management position. Dan also leads the continuous improvement committee and has a proven history to increase efficiencies and drive down costs within Team’s facilities. His extensive knowledge of the company and industry allows him to understand every aspect of a project. Dan graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Michigan Technological University in 2009. In addition, Dan’s diversity and leadership within the company, has earned him a reputation for superb Project and Contract Management.
Eugene Eick joined Team’s Engineering Department in 1990 and was promoted to Project Manager in 2013. With over 29 years of experience in the piping industry executing oil, gas, & power projects, Eugene’s knowledge and tenacity has enabled him to perfect his skills in, project control, managing costs, contract management, and providing on time project delivery.
Nick Becker joined Team in 2009 and hold the position of Project Manager. He has held many roles and taken on various responsibilities within Team which provides him with valuable insight on the internal operations in Team. Nick has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Lakeland University.
Andy Sadler joined Team’s Port Arthur Texas facility in 2002. He has served multiple roles within the company and demonstrates his industry experience as a successful Project Manager. Andy graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree from Lamar University in 1995. He fosters an environment of communication and ensures that each project is handled to the exact specifications required. His skills in project estimation, construction, cost control and procurement have given him the ability to manage each project professionally and effectively.