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Our Approach To Safety

Safety is #1 priority at Team Industries. We want our workers to go home each night just the way they came in (a little tired, maybe, but never injured!). That’s why we’ve put a comprehensive plan in place – one that’s regularly evaluated to determine if it’s as effective as possible in keeping everyone safe and sound.



Our rigorous safety orientation program is combined with job safety training and mentoring so all new employees know and understand safe work practices. After 90 days on the team, we provide even more training in an instructor-led session.

We don’t stop there. Training is a continuous process for all employees, not just the new ones. We share a monthly newsletter and hold weekly and monthly training sessions to keep everyone focused on and familiar with best practices, OSHA requirements and our own policies.

Safety Committee

Management, the foreman, worker compensation providers and other interested parties are all part of our safety committee.

  • Inspections are conducted weekly by our employees who are encouraged to report any hazards or safety suggestions
  • Formal inspections are conducted by our safety specialist weekly
  • The group meets every month to review any incidents (including “near misses”) with the goal of reducing risks
  • We have subcommittees made up of the foreman, shop, and office employees to tackle projects and continuous improvement of our safety systems

Safety Incentive Program

We further encourage safety at all times with Team’s Safety Incentive Program, which provides economic rewards to employees for working safely and for reporting any situation they feel is not safe.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Team has placed an emphasis on employee’s mental health by incorporating an interactive Employee Assistance Program. Team employees also benefit from having a Chiropractor onsite twice a week who provides a variety of overall wellbeing services.

Drug-Free Work Experience

A drug-free workplace is absolutely critical to ensuring everyone’s safety. In conjunction with our union, we work with subcontracted and approved agencies to conduct preemployment drug testing, random testing, “reasonable suspicion” testing, and post-incident testing.