Have you ever wondered what pipe/tank fabrication would be like “Fabricated Right the First Time”?
Team has an extremely low – the lowest – back-charge rate in the industry. It’s 0.05% of the contract value for the last 10 years.

Mis-fabrication is extremely costly and too often not factored into the decision when reviewing bids. Here’s a look at some of the considerations that should be part of every evaluation:

  • Necessary on-site modifications
  • Increased cost of new critical path development while waiting for field fixes to be performed
  • Manpower to keep track of the cost of on-site rework
  • Time and labor submitting rework documentation to the original supplier to get paid for the on-site rework
  • …not to mention the frustration of dealing with poor quality issues causing construction delays

We've created a handy calculator to help you capture some of the costs you need to consider as you evaluate the bids you receive. Each element is important, real, and has long-term effects. If you'd like to talk through any part of this with a Team member, don't hesitate to contact us today.

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