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Pipe Fabrication

Team is capable of producing up to 5,500 spools per month (large and small bore). Our capabilities encompass all of the materials encountered in the piping industry, including carbon steel, chrome moly, creep resistant steels, stainless steels, duplex steels, and nickel based alloys, as well as jacketed and clad piping systems. We are certified for ASME “PP” and “S” stamp work.

Fabrication is managed through Team’s custom material control system which automatically identifies and tracks the material and fabrication status of pipe spools through 14 steps of production, from isometric receipt to shipment. Spool status is updated daily.

Spool tracking begins at receipt of the isometric where material requirements are identified within 24 hours of isometric receipt and are downloaded automatically to Team’s custom material control system. Team pipe spool drawings identify all of the quality requirements applicable to the pipe spool and ensure that critical customer requirements are clearly communicated to shop craftsmen as well as quality control personnel. Team detailing capabilities include 2D and 3D support systems to handle all customer drawing formats.

Team’s custom material control system automatically identifies material shorts and automatically allocates material from inventory to each pipe spool as required. All labor operations required to fabricate the pipe spool are automatically identified as well as the appropriate manpower required to fabricate the pipe spool (man-hours).

Welding of pipe spools is accomplished by highly skilled UA journeymen and inspected by CWI led QC inspectors. In addition to inspecting 100% of all pipe spool welds, Team QC also inspects 100% for dimensions, configuration, and materials.



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