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HDPE Pipe Fabrication

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe is a thermoplastic pipe that provides a cost effective solution for piping systems. Team Industries prefabricates HDPE pipe, offering high quality and on time delivery that a shop environment offers, while providing a cost effective alternative to field fabricated HDPE pipe.

HDPE provides the following attributes:

  • An extremely smooth inside surface for exceptional flow characteristics
  • Protection against rusting, pitting, corroding and biological growth
  • Withstands many harsh chemical environments
  • Leak free, strong joints
  • Exceptional fatigue resistance
  • Toughness, ductility, and flexibility properties are well suited for seismic applications
  • Light weight, allowing easier handling on the job site
  • Durability that is demonstrated by its estimated 50-100 years of service life
  • Operating temperature range of 0 to 140 Deg F. for pressure applications up to 320 psig.

Team Industries, Inc. has developed a HDPE fabrication program that parallels our metallic fabrication systems, providing the quality and delivery our customers demand. Our bonding procedures establish the controls necessary to provide sound fusion bond that endure harsh environments throughout the lifetime of the pipe.

Our capabilities include bonding 2" thru 36" pipe with Dimension Ratios, (DR), of 7 through 32 and Factory Mutual (FM) classes 150/200. We have acquired the advanced equipment and established the standard operating procedures necessary to accommodate the special storage, handling, and loading requirements unique to HDPE materials. All of our bonding personnel are fully certified in bonding procedures and equipment. All production fusion bond parameters are recorded and reviewed for compliance with bonding procedures. The reports are provided in an electronic document package.

Team will fabricate to your exacting specifications, and deliver it on time and within budget.

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