Jobs at TEAM

TEAM employs the best possible individuals for each position within the organization. We hire only the most qualified candidates, then we provide those individuals with the training and tools necessary to do the high quality work required by our customer.

TEAM won the Labor and Management award from the AFL-CIO in 2008 which recognized the excellent relationship that TEAM has had with both our local union and at the national level.

TEAM’s employee friendly atmosphere and a reasonable approach to issues surrounding employment, work life balance, and community involvement ensure a satisfied workforce of long term employees.

Union Affiliation

Team is a union shop, affiliated with the United Association of Plumbers and Steamfitters. Our products are welded pipe, vessels, and supports. Team employees are skilled in the welding trades or support positions associated with welded fabrication. Employees hired in lesser skilled positions are provided opportunity for the training and experience necessary to advance to the higher skilled positions.

• Shop (cutting, welding, fitting, grinding, loading, abrasive blasting, painting, receiving, material handling)
• QC Inspection
• CAD Drafting
• Estimating
• Project Management
• Administrative (human resource, payroll, accounting, expediting, purchasing, and document control)

If you feel you have the qualities it takes to be a successful TEAM member please send us your resume or come in to one of our locations and fill out an application.

Current positions available at TEAM are:

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Pipe Fabrication
Tank Fabrication
Heat Treatment
Paint Finishing


Team Industries, Inc.

1200 Maloney Road
Kaukauna WI 54130


Team Fabricators, LLC

650 Main Avenue
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